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Lifetime fixed buy-to-let mortgages where max LTV increases the older you are

Yes, you read that right. It is now possible to obtain BTL mortgages with an indefinite term and an interest rate that will never change, EVER!
Even if you’re 90 years old you can qualify for these buy-to-let mortgages with virtually no underwrit…

Can Lifetime BTL Mortgages be used to accelerate our plans?

Since reading two recent articles about Lifetime BTL Mortgages my head has been spinning with ideas, my conclusions from which I would like to sanity check with this superb online community.
As background; my wife and I are in our mid 70’s.
The p…

Should I sell or take a Lifetime BTL mortgage ?

I am a 65 year old single female, no children and my only incomes are state pension, carers allowance and rental income from my former home in London. The property is worth around £1.3 million and rents for £3,000 a month.
The post Should I sell or tak…

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