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Joint Ventures


Here at Grace Charles investments our routes start in the humble beginnings of the Norwich student property market.

Here we have built & grown our own portfolio, whilst expanding in other sectors & developments/commercial conversion.

The power of the Joint Ventures (JV’s) have enabled us to work very closer with our partners in an ever fragmenting market place, our local knowledge allows us to flex with the market condition and deliver first class, sustainable returns.

Always planning for the long term, we simply buy below market value, refurbish & refinance the cash back out. This allows us to build our partners a portfolio of high cash flowing properties.

With planning for the long term, we also have the option to sell in the short term. In the current market this allowed us the flip on average 1 in 5 properties in 2015. Sometimes doubling the investors funds in 4/5 months.

Joint ventures now enable us to work with a plethora of individuals & companies from all over the world in many different sectors of property investment.

If you’d like to discuss a possible JV or would like to know more please visit our sister site.
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