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Forced sale of family trust property under Labour plans?

I am trustee of a family discretionary Trust, providing rental income to various beneficiaries.
Under Labour’s proposed plan to allow tenants to buy the property they are renting, will the trustees of this Trust have to agree to the rental proper…

Deposits and Disputes training for Glasgow landlords

In the last year, 543 disputes have arisen between landlords and tenants in the Glasgow postcode area according to the latest research from SafeDeposits Scotland.
The deposit protection provider found that the average amount that tenants and landlords …

Are all LA Bond Deposits the same?

I can’t seem to find out if the Local Authority Bond deposit system is a nationally applied guideline, or if each LA has their own rules coming off from the guidelines. Anyone have any knowledge in this field?
My question refers really to claimin…

Goodbye letter from Mortgage Express?

Mortgage Express didn’t provide me with a Notice of Assignment of my portfolio mortgage to Jasper Mortgages pursuant to s136 (1) of the Law of Property Act 1925 in February 2018.
When I asked them for a copy of the Goodbye letter
The post Goodbye…

Message To ALL Mortgage Brokers

Dear Mortgage Broker
If you have seen the level of your new Buy-to-Let mortgage and remortgage applications reducing, this is probably due to the fact that your clients are concerned about the changes to finance cost relief.
Many landlords are either s…

Mixed LLP Case Study – Huge Tax Benefits For Landlords

Mr X owns properties in both his own name and a Limited Company.
His daughter (Sally) works for the company on an employed basis, for which she receives a salary of £30,000. The company pays employers National Insurance on this and Sally pays both empl…

Licensing needs to go back to the drawing board

Research for safeagent conducted by London Property Licensing has recently uncovered over 130,000 unlicensed properties in London which should be licensed under either selective, additional or mandatory HMO licensing schemes.
FOI requests indicated the…

Ever wonder why you’ve had a run in with a Local Authority?

Its like that Council hasn’t got anything better to do! I know its not a Housing issue, but I thought it relevant to show the inadequacies of L.A’s as they relate to Landlords for Housing matters like Licensing.
They should spend their time…

Rents grow as housing market slows

HOMELET’s Rental Index figures for September 2019 have been released. The headlines from this month’s report are:
The average rent in the UK is now £967, up by 2.5% on the same time last year
When London is excluded
The post Rents grow as housing marke…

Upad no longer accepting new business

One of the Uk’s first online letting agents, Upad has confirmed it will no longer be accepting new business and it’s home page now has been redirected to >>
The founder of Upad, James Davis, told T…

UC sending letters for landlord to non-existent address

Dear Universal Credit Stage two,
This complaint is about you sending letters to me/for me, to someone else in Nottingham where I do not live. Breaking data protection rules and not correcting your mistake quickly. So simple to solve
The post UC sending…

Asbestos and rental property

I have one rental property. Purpose built in 1960s, typical construction of it’s era. I would like to highlight for other landlords their risks and responsibilities regarding this awful material and am interested to receive any advice from others…

Anyone have a definitive guide for UC tenants?

Is anyone willing to post a copy of a checklist they use themselves, of questions or things that any Landlord needs to check BEFORE considering a Universal Credit tenant please?
Any hints or tips in trying to max out any money up front via the Council …

Mark Smith (Barrister-At-Law) Landlord tax planning strategies – Leicester

Our Hon. Legal Counsel, Mark Smith, Head of Chambers at Cotswold Barristers will be presenting an overview of several landlords tax strategies at the pin Leicester Meeting property networking event Thursday 7th November 2019.
The event will start at 6:…

Court Orders Possession – what’s next?

The Section 21 date expired, but the tenant did not move so I sent off for an accelerated order for possession. This has been granted with a date in 10 days time.
If the tenant leaves on the day
The post Court Orders Possession – what’s nex…

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