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Cut the rhetoric and focus on policy

With the ink barely dry on the new SNP and Scottish Greens co-operation agreement, the Scottish Government is keen to forge ahead with its plans to create a “new deal for tenants”.
Ahead of the recent announcement that he would be the new Minister for …

HELP we have 3 personal BTLs with 3 different lenders and want to incorporate?

Hi there all, We have three BTLs with three individual mortgage providers which are Virgin Money, Santander and Halifax in personal names obviously section 24 and the tax implications are an issue.
We are looking for some guidance on whether we will ha…

Death Bed Tax Planning For Landlords

None of us are immortal, so death bed tax planning strategies are important for us all to know about. On that basis I make no apology for what some might perceive to be such a taboo topic.
This Case Study is based on a married couple with children
The …

Nimby Michael Gove MP set to HALT biggest planning overhaul ever

Michael Gove MP Famous for stabbing Boris Johnson in the front in the leadership campaign after the BREXIT vote is to head up the new government Department of Levelling Up Housing and Communities and is set to HALT the biggest planning overhaul ever.

Government now admit many landlords are highly vulnerable to rent arrears

Failure to address COVID rent debts shows Government has given up on those struggling through no fault of their own. Private renters and landlords across the country face a cliff edge as the end of furlough coincides with cuts to benefit support.
The p…

We’ll sell your property portfolios in 7 days for 85% – 95% of the value so you can cash in and retire

For many landlords, this year has been the year of the “cash in and retire” strategy. And with house prices sky-high, it makes sense. That coupled with the fact that the market won’t be this high again for another 7 years
The post We’ll sell your prope…

Renamed – The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Where is the mention of Housing and the Housing Market as a priority?
The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has now been catchily renamed the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities as the Government with former Bank of…

Cautionary tale to include fire cover clause in AST!

We own a small bungalow that we rent out via an agent. We picked a local agent as the property is too far away from our home and neither of us has the specialist knowledge to self manage.
Over the Bank Holiday
The post Cautionary tale to include fire c…

One year and £35k to evict a COVID rogue tenant

The latest property market analysis by Benham and Reeves has revealed that the costs incurred by UK landlords who have been unfortunate enough to encounter a nightmare rogue tenant during the pandemic.
While the vast majority of tenants are respectful …

2021/22 UK Property Market Forecast

I share my predictions for the UK property market in Autumn 2021 as well as the property market outlook for 2022. There are exciting opportunities ahead for well-informed property investors.
Make sure 2022 is your year!
What’s covered in the vide…

New Housing Minister Good News For Property Investors?

Michael Gove has been appointed new Housing Minister.
Will this be good news for property investors.
I think it’s a shrewd move by Boris.
Watch this video below to find out why:
The post New Housing Minister Good News For Property Investors? appe…

Section 24 Tax Loopholes

Section 24 Tax only affects private Buy to Let landlords who are higher rate tax-payers. This is because finance costs are no longer regarded as a legitimate business expense for private landlords. Instead, a tax credit of 20% of finance costs is appli…

How To Get a Bigger Loan on Low Yielding Rental Properties

If a landlord wants to raise maximum finance on a property with a very low rental yield, the mortgage amount might well be restricted based on rental income. However, with “Top-Slicing” this needn’t be the case.
Why would a landlord w…

Holiday Let Purchase – Best Through A Company Or Not?

Like so many other Landlords, we’re at a crossroads at present, and about to diversify into the Holiday Let business. It’s something we’ve explored before, especially as two of our BTL properties are cottages in a tourist area, which and o…

Separate the freehold and leases?

I own the upstairs flat in a converted house of two flats. I also own a 50% share of the freehold.
I have had an offer accepted on the ground floor flat and the other 50% share of freehold
The post Separate the freehold and leases? appeared first on Pr…

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