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Nationwide House Price Index shows impact of Pandemic filtering through

The Nationwide has just released its House Price index for May showing the effects the coronavirus lockdown is beginning to have on the housing market.
Robert Gardner, Nationwide’s Chief Economist, said: “UK house prices fell by 1.7% over the mon…

3-month eviction ban extension and their fantasy world

When the 3-month eviction ban was introduced, it was mentioned that it might be extended if deemed necessary. Predictably, now that the 3-month period is coming to an end, we hear a cacophony of voices – from Shelter, Generation Rent
The post 3-month e…

Buying house with loft conversion – 2 or 3 bed?

Hi Everyone, I am going to buy a house in Manchester. I made an offer which is already accepted and now I have passed the details to the conveyancer for the searches etc etc. I have not made any payment yet for anything.
The post Buying house with loft…

New Electrical Safety standards guide for 1st July

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 require that landlords have property electrics checked at least every 5 years by a properly qualified person. The electrics must meet standards and landlords must g…

Universal Credit tenants – This is why you can’t get a house any more

Universal credit UC Landlords and UC tenants, this is one reason why Landlords are refusing you.
The DWP has been found guilty of wrong-doings 2 years ago, apologise to me, say they won’t do it again, yet just this month they are doing EXACTLY th…

Updated COVID-19 Government guidance for landlords and tenants

This guidance has now been updated as of 1st June and provides advice to landlords and tenants on the provisions in the Coronavirus Act 2020, and further advice for landlords, tenants and local authorities more broadly about their rights and responsibi…

Update to status of court actions pre-lockdown?

I realise there was a three months ban on applications for evictions from 23rd March…but what is the current status of S21/S8 claims made BEFORE this date?
I has the first hearing of both a S21 & S8 claim on 20th March
The post Update to stat…

How should we conduct shared property viewings?

We have a four bed student property, let individually. In our local authority an HMO is classified as five or more.
One student is holding over through the summer and into the next academic year. The others have left
The post How should we conduct shar…

Small Claim win but how do I get the money owed?

I won the claim against a tenant who did a bunk leaving arrears and damage. Although she didn’t turn up to the last hearing, the court awarded me the figure I was chasing for.
Do I need to await for something official from the court to say I can …

Bond increase to follow Rent increase?

I have just recently increased the monthly rental amount in a property currently occupied by a benefits recipient. Initially they could not afford the deposit so the Council issued a Bond which was issued on the basis of 5 weeks rent.
The post Bond inc…

Tenant paid for repair herself at extortionate price?

I have a tenant who had a leak from  the toilet cistern. She found a plumber herself who repaired the leak without telling the agent or myself as the landlord.
The repair cost an extortion£276!
When the agent later questioned their own plumber on the c…

Covid-19 Code of practice for commercial landlords and tenants

High street businesses and landlords are set to receive a new government code of practice providing improved clarity and reassurance over rent payments.
A working group has been established by the government with the commercial rental sector to develop…

Should I let to family through my limited company?

As the title suggests, I’m considering getting a BTL via a limited company with the intention of letting it to family – who would claim housing benefit. The family already lives in a council flat and benefits from getting housing benefit.

Long term rental of Furnished Holiday Let?

We have received an enquiry for long term rental of 3 months for our Furnished Holiday Let (FHL), over our quiet period this coming winter and it appears quite tempting to take it.
We have been running this FHL over the last 5 years and have complied w…

Aldermore resumes physical BTL valuations in England

Aldermore Bank is resuming physical mortgage valuations on rental properties for Buy to Let purchase and remortgage in England.
Strict social distancing and safety measures will be met in line with Government guidance released on 10 May. Aldermore will…

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