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Auction watch – 4 auction deals at forthcoming sales

This video is a review of four upcoming property deals on sale at auction over the next fortnight.
In the video I am joined by Piotr Rusinek, Jay Howard and Rod Turner as they analyse four potential auction bargain opportunities.
The post Auction watch…

EPCs – New ones issued via email link only?

I have had a raft of new EPC’s done and the assessors have just emailed me the link to the .gov site where they are stored. You can’t download them (I have tried).
Question – do I have to send a copy of the new EPC to the existing ten…

Continued support for struggling borrowers

The Financial Conduct Authority is urging consumers struggling to make repayments due to the impact of coronavirus (Covid-19), to speak to their lenders about options available to them. The FCA has put in place a package of support for people in diffic…

Landlords and tenants should make contingency plans together for winter

After the first national lockdown period, the restrictions on moving homes in England were removed in May 2020, but what impact did the temporary emergency rules on moving into a new house have on renters?
According to new research by Ome
The post Land…

Citizens advice calling for tenant loans and grants in tiers 2 and 3

Citizens Advice is reporting on a series of gaps in protections in England that do not align with the coronavirus lockdown tiers and that in some areas, particularly rent and council tax, the lack of broad national protections could see people at risk …

ONS UK House Price Index for August 2020 up 0.7%

The office for National Statistics has released the UK House Price Index summary for August 2020 showing the average price of a property in the UK was now £239,196 reflecting an annual increase of 2.5% and a monthly increase for August of 0.7%
At the i…

Capital appreciation covering the costs of running a property

Research from has found that nearly half of all properties pay for themselves when it comes to the average annual cost of upkeep and the increase in capital appreciation. looked at each local authority in England and the t…

Absent freeholder since purchase in 2011 suddenly appears?

I own a 1st floor top flat that I purchased in 2011 for renting purposes. The property is leasehold however there is no service charge or ground rent payable. The freeholder has been absent since I purchased the property and I have no contact details.

Welsh temporary lockdown – Is moving home permitted?

Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford, announced A short, sharp “firebreak” will be introduced across Wales at the end of this week to help regain control of coronavirus.
The fire-break will start at 6pm on Friday 23 October and end on Monday 9 November…

Room rents in London remain depressed

Although Covid-19 restrictions began to ease in Q3, the rental market in the capital still struggled to recover, with the average London room rent down 7%, from £780 in Q3 2019 to £725 in Q3 2020.
Rents in EC3/Aldgate (-34%) *
The post Room rents in Lo…

Size matters for the UK average house price of £231k

How much space can the UK’s average house price of £231k buy you across the country?
Home buyers in the West Midlands can afford almost double the floorspace than those in the South East, according to new research1.
The post Size matters for the UK ave…

Beyond Section 21 Report – The unintended consequences if government doesn’t listen

Following the Government’s announcement and subsequent consultation into repealing Section 21, which received in excess of 20,000 responses, The Lettings Industry Council (TLIC) commissioned a report ‘Beyond Section 21’ to look at the impacts of doing …

Extension wall built too close?

Hi, I own a 4 bed detached on a street built in the 60’s. On facing the houses each has a path of about 6ft between them BUT the path is owned by the house to the right up to the walls of the house to the left..
The post Extension wall built too …

Window to Conservatory: HHSRS cat 1 hazard

Portsmouth City Council (PCC) Licensing team have just done an HHSRS inspection of one of my student HMOs and given one of the rooms a Category 1/ band B hazard rating for ‘excess heat’ due to the room’s window opening onto a “conserv…

To charge or not to charge?

I own and manage a small HMO and rent the individual rooms on an AST of 6 months. In August a new tenant moved in, 7 weeks into her contract she told me she was now on the shortlist to move to a council flat
The post To charge or not to charge? appeare…

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