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Over-55’s turn their homes into cash as costs are driven down

Low interest rates for equity release mortgages, coupled with rising house prices, have made it much more cost-effective for over-55s to release funds from their properties.
Many over 55s, who were going to downsize in order to release equity in their …

Stepping up further and offering a free basic single or joint Will

For many years, Property118 and H D Consultants have worked very closely together. The Team at H D Consultants has provided experienced, qualified and fully insured mortgage, life cover and estate planning advice.
At this time, whilst more and more peo…

Stay safe and stay fit – Mind, Muscles and Money

Keep your mind and body fit. We’re all very conscious of that, and so many of us now go out of our way to include a (socially distancing) walk, run, bike ride, even yoga and a daily dose of Joe Wicks PE too.
The post Stay safe and stay fit – Mind…

‘No End Date’ residential over 55s mortgage – Update

This new product has been incredibly popular with property118 readers and they have sent us an update as of Tuesday 3rd July:
The maximum loan size has increased to £1 million
Maximum property value is now £3 million
Now no minimum equity requirement

Barry’s story – it could have been you!

Barry’s story was written by the Mark Alexander back in December 2010. It has since been updated and re-published several times. The dates, times and people are fictional but the story is based on real life events.
It’s a modern update of the cla…

Equity Release/Life Time Mortgages

Question: Why is Equity release such an attractive option for Homeowners?
Answer: Because it can be the solution to many quandaries
Equity Release is a means of retaining your home, whilst obtaining a lump sum or a steady stream of income and boosting …

2016 saw the highest pension fund returns since 2009

New data from the upcoming Moneyfacts Personal Pension and Annuity Trends Treasury Report has revealed that last year pension funds enjoyed their highest returns since 2009. Despite considerable economic and political uncertainty during 2016, the avera…

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