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Here’s the real question

How do you really know if something works, and more importantly, whether or not it will work for you?
A good place to start is with other investors’ results. If someone has already achieved what you want, then it means that it is not only possible but …

Landlords Selling Up – An Opportunity?

Simon Zutshi is a prolific property investor with an ear very close to the ground, and lately, he hasn’t exactly been quiet about what he believes to be the buying opportunity of the decade.
The opportunity has arisen from landlords leaving the market …

This Friday: Update your property knowledge

If you want to be a successful property investor, it’s really important to keep up to date with changes in the property industry such as finance, legislation and market trends etc.
There is a lot happening right now

The Landlord Exodus – opportunity of the decade?

Simon Zutshi, founder of the property investors network, hasn’t exactly been quiet lately about what he thinks is the buying opportunity of the decade. It’s a new opportunity, a direct consequence of the current (crazy) market conditions.

The Latest Government Legislation Proposals and Property Economy Update

Wednesday 3rd August 6pm – 9pm National Virtual pin Meeting. Click here

Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action and Chief Commercial Officer of Hamilton Fraser and often referred to as ‘The Landlords’ Friend, will be discussing and help…

Keep yourself up to date at the next Virtual National pin Meeting

It is so important at the moment to keep up to date with the Property Market. On Wednesday 3rd August at 6 pm, the property investors network will be running their Virtual August National pin Meeting.
There are three amazing speakers

House prices feeling the heat – Emergency Recession Webinar

Yesterday the UK saw record high temperatures, but it’s not just the weather settings records.

House prices rose 14% in the year to June. The highest rate since 2004.
House prices rose month-to-month 1.8% in June.

EMERGENCY Recession Webinar

The news is currently full of talk about recession. In fact, it feels like we are talking ourselves into a recession. If we do go into a recession, what will this mean for you and your property investing?
This is VERY important for you because the next…

5-day Property Magic Challenge with Simon Zutshi

From today (Monday 20th June) Simon Zutshi is running his annual 5-day Property Magic Challenge.
This is your opportunity to get a whole day of property training, at no cost, spread over 5 days, so that it can fit into your schedule.

TONIGHT: How to buy in a Booming Market

This is just a quick reminder about the live training tonight at 8pm, all about how you can compete in today’s booming market and still purchase using very little of your own money.
Generally, sellers expect to get paid top price for their property and…

Running one more time on Tuesday 31st May at 8pm

Thursday night Simon Zutshi delivered massive value, as expected, on his brand new live training all about “How to use Creative Finance to grow your property portfolio”.
We have had a number of people contact us, to see if they can gain access to a rec…

TONIGHT: Learn how to fund ALL of your property deals using none of your own money

TONIGHT you are invited to participate in a very special live online Master Class, which could be an absolute GAME CHANGER for you.
Imagine if you could fund ALL of your property deals, how would that change your life?

Don’t give away 50% of your profits

A very popular strategy with many property investors is the concept of Joint Ventures, particularly when you have run out of your own money.
You find a great property deal and someone else (who maybe does not have the time

How to buy in a Booming Market

Have you noticed how hard it is to find great property deals in the current market?
Generally, sellers expect to get paid top price for their property and are often getting it. Many investors are getting outbid by other people prepared to pay crazy pri…

Are you going to run out of deposits for your investing?

Most investors run out of their own funds at some point and understandably, they think that this means that they have to stop investing.
They then have to wait a few years, until the value of their properties has gone up

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