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Open Letter To Jane Ellison MP @JaneEllison

Dear Ms. Ellison, SECTION 24, 2015 FINANCE ACT (No.2) I was exceeding pleased to see both Gauke and Osborne shifted from their positions and held high hopes for new thinking, preferably from people who could demonstrate a real understanding of professi…

Why Polish Tenants Like UK Landlords

I’m doing a major refurbishment at the moment on a house tenanted by a new Polish tenant. His family will be joining him from Poland soon, when the works are done. Today I asked him why he/Polish people found Britain so attractive. Why would he pay a supposedly ‘extortionate’ rent in the UK on a low… Read more

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Conservatives Betray Their Own – Open Letter @iancowie

Open Letter to Ian Cowie of The Sunday Times  Dear Mr. Cowie, I am the leader of the Conservatives on my local authority who has never had a reason to doubt the Conservative leaders in 33 years of membership. Now though, I seem to be living in some alternate reality as the group I have… Read more

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