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How to obtain Class MA Prior approval

Yue was one of the first people to obtain a class MA prior approval with the help of Linda Wright and PLANiTWRIGHT.
In this video, we look and Vue’s project and find out how he used Class MA to do a commercial to residential conversion.

Construction Industry Scheme – CIS don’t get caught out

The Construction Industry Scheme, or CIS for short, is an HMRC scheme to prevent the loss of tax receipts from contractors, and sub-contractors that didn’t always file or completely fill out tax returns.
It covers a wide range of activities and in simp…

Can I convert a locally listed building in a conservation area using class MA?

This week Property with Andrew and Linda Wright is answering another Permitted Development Question.
Is it possible to convert the upper of a shop to residential using Class MA on a Locally Listed Building, which is also in a conservation area?

Help! Conservatory on Grade 2 listed building without consent – what are my options?

What are your options if work was done on a grade 2 listed building without planning permission?
Is deemed consent assumed after 10 years?
Permitted development rights do not apply to Grade 2 Listed buildings. So what are your options if work was done …

Listed Building work conversion of Grade 2 listed use class E to Takeaway?

Permitted Development PD and listed building conversion work. Linda Wright and Andrew Roberts are back answering Planning Permission questions and Gorilla investor poses some great ones today.
Today we seek to answer the following questions.
1) Can you…

Boris U-TURN – New Planning Reforms ditched!

New planning reforms set in motion by Robert Jenrick, Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings are to be scrapped.
Boris Johnson draws property industry’s ire over watered-down planning reforms. Plans aimed to curb councils’ power to oppose developments and …

Planners error lands council in court – Your proposal is whack!

Planners Error Lands Them in COURT! What steps you can take if you have a planning refusal
Linda and I discuss a bizarre mix-up ‘Your proposal is whack’: Chaos as ‘junior worker’ who thought he was testing a dummy council websit…

Nimby Michael Gove MP set to HALT biggest planning overhaul ever

Michael Gove MP Famous for stabbing Boris Johnson in the front in the leadership campaign after the BREXIT vote is to head up the new government Department of Levelling Up Housing and Communities and is set to HALT the biggest planning overhaul ever.

New Article 4’s are coming – What you need to know

New article 4’s are coming! Act fast to seize opportunities before the door closes on you. Linda and I break down everything you need to know following a review of statements from over 30 councils!
We talk about the new regulations being put in p…

New Class M Prior Approval Planning Permission Changes

Yes on 31st July 2021 Class M EXPIRED for the conversion of 150 sqm of certain commercial properties.
The Government in their infinite wisdom launched a NEW Permitted Development Right, actually a prior approval, and decided to call it class M too!

Class G Vs Class MA Prior Approval What are the Differences in Permitted Development?

Linda Wright gives an excellent explanation comparing and contrasting class G v class MA These 2 NEW prior approvals for converting use class E-commercial space to residential C3 uses. Did you know there are over a dozen differences between the two

Myth-busting – Electrical Safety installations Act 2020

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 came into force on 1 June 2020 and will apply to all new tenancies in England from 1 July 2020.
Thanks to Bill Stiles from Adept Electrical –
The post Myth-bu…

Why are developers failing to raise private investors funds?

6 things you need to know if you are serious about raising finance from private investors. Lets start with “What do private investors want to know?”
Whether you are looking to kick start your property journey or scale your property business…

Preparing to Exit Covid-19 – Online Meeting 7PM Monday 20th April

Will you miss the best preparation for the opportunities this decade will present?
Some of the countries top experts join us this month for this online Great Property Meet event to share what they are doing to prepare to exit Corona Virus lock down and…

Court Case re HMO rooms being deemed to be Band A Council Tax Dwellings

A HMO landlord friend of mine is in court on Friday challenging the VOA ruling on a HMO rooms.
He has:-


The VOA claim the re-banding increase tax…

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