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Is a new tenancy needed when one party of a joint tenancy leaves?

Hello, I have a joint tenancy – a couple now splitting up – and one of them has left the house and no longer wants to be on the agreement, since they have to rent somewhere else. Their split was on good terms
The post Is a new tenancy neede…

Free loft insulation schemes?

Hello, I have excellent long term tenants in Wales.
They have two young children and like most people in their position finances are a bit tight at the moment.
I’ve kept the rent well under market value and fitted a new boiler a couple of years a…

Government’s PRS strategy is ‘in tatters’

Government policy has left the private rented sector (PRS) ‘in tatters’ as figures show the number of homes to rent falling, but tenant demand continues to rise.
The criticism comes from the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA)…

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