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Keep it simple CASH is king!

The very things I love about property investing are often the things others can’t stand!
For me, buying and holding or buying and selling go hand in hand. I would never buy a property I couldn’t sell for a profit and I would never buy one I couldn’t re…

We Have Arrived !

It is with great pride and delight I’m able to announce that Grace Charles Property is the first Official Property Partners of Norwich City Football Club 2017/2018 After just 3 years of starting the local business we’ve been able to agree, what is by far one of our biggest announcements as a company. From very humble… Read more

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Learning while investing – 2.5 hours band funds raise!

Friday I launched a crowd funding deal with a twist. It was an opportunity to be involved and fund a full planning application for a Grade 2 listed office building to residential conversion. Obviously investing in such a deal comes with more risk than usual so I ‘pitched’ it as a high risk investment. However,… Read more

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When JVs go wrong but don’t go bad

If you are involved in property you will know that things do go wrong! You can plan plan plan and check check check, but in property things DO & WILL go wrong. We are dealing with bricks & mortar at the end of the day. We are also in an industry which requires multiple skilled… Read more

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Norfolk Property Network has a mission

Last night we celebrated our 1st birthday since launching the Norfolk Property Network. It’s hard to believe it was just a year ago we held our first FREE event. 12 months on and we’ve gone from strength to to strength and last night really demonstrated this. Over a year ago I found the other property… Read more

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Going it alone

If I go back 5 years in my property journey I couldn’t understand why anybody would pay people to do things that they could do themselves? Why pay cleaners, workmen, agents, accountants etc. I thought I was unique in my stance of doing everything myself and that this gave me an advantage over anyone, as I… Read more

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