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Interest Rate Rise Impact Calculator Wizard

Calculating the extra amount of interest you will pay as a result of the recent 0.25% interest rate rise isn’t exactly rocket science for some people. However, if numbers isn’t your thing and/or you would like to understand how the Bank of England deci…

How To Get a Bigger Loan on Low Yielding Rental Properties

If a landlord wants to raise maximum finance on a property with a very low rental yield, the mortgage amount might well be restricted based on rental income. However, with “Top-Slicing” this needn’t be the case.
Why would a landlord w…

A Smart Way To Pay For Tax and National Insurance Increases

To ease the pressure on the NHS the Government is increasing National Insurance by 1.25%, which means that your contribution will actually increase by more than 10%. But how will you find the funds to pay for this?
Recent research shows that more than …

Cheap money – don’t miss out!

Birmingham Midshires have just launched an interest only, five year fixed ate buy-to-let mortgage with an interest rate of just 1.95%.
Low geared landlords will be rubbing their hands with glee!
Only yesterday I spoke to a landlord who owns £1,000,000 …

Lifetime fixed buy-to-let mortgages where max LTV increases the older you are

Yes, you read that right. It is now possible to obtain BTL mortgages with an indefinite term and an interest rate that will never change, EVER!
Even if you’re 90 years old you can qualify for these buy-to-let mortgages with virtually no underwrit…

Can Lifetime BTL Mortgages be used to accelerate our plans?

Since reading two recent articles about Lifetime BTL Mortgages my head has been spinning with ideas, my conclusions from which I would like to sanity check with this superb online community.
As background; my wife and I are in our mid 70’s.
The p…

Lifetime BTL Remortages for over people over 75 years of age

This is an extremely niche BTL mortgage product, but I am sharing the details on behalf of a broker friend who specialises in this market.
It isn’t easy to get a BTL mortgage if you’re over the age of 75
The post Lifetime BTL Remortages for…

Some of the best BTL lenders post BICT incorporation

Landlords who have incorporated their rental property business using the BICT structure have done so in order to retain competitive mortgages terms and/or avoid or defer the costs of refinancing. However, it is almost inevitable that refinancing will n…

Why 5 year fixed rate Limited Company mortgages are so popular

Earlier this year (2018) mortgage lenders were forced to tighten up their affordability criteria.
Since then, LTV has rarely been the restricting factor when it comes to BTL borrowing. Instead, the level of borrowing has become more restricted based on…

Limited Edition BTL Portfolio Products with Free Valuation & Cashback

Mortgages and Insurers Solutions have access to a number of limited edition buy to let portfolio products. The limited edition rates are available on properties with HMO status, limited company SPVs, single self-contained and multi unit blocks.

Headline Mortgage Rates for Limited Companies

Limited Company BTL mortgages are now available up to 85% LTV and rates start from 3.09%.

The buy-to-let market has been hit by numerous tax changes in the last couple of years. Two of the main ones being:

  1. the introduction of a 3% Stamp Duty surcharge
  2. Until April of this year private landlords could deduct both mortgage interest and other allowable costs

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Important PRA changes to BTL lending from 30th September

The following is another 90 second video produced by our friends at Shawbrook Bank to explain how BTL mortgage underwriting will change from September this year.

Is it a good thing that mortgage lenders are being forced to lend more prudently or do you see it another way?

The post Important PRA changes to BTL lending from 30th September appeared first on Property118.

Bank of Ireland Legal Action – NO-WIN-NO-FEE

We are now ready to begin legal action on behalf of Property118 Action Group members affected by the Bank of Ireland decision in 2013 to increase the differential charged on their tracker rate mortgage products. Many of those affected by the sudden increase in their mortgage payments, despite there being no increase in the bank base… Read more

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Property118 Action Group Respond To BoI & Skipton Defensive Statements

Bank of Ireland and Skipton Building Society both are both relying on “exceptional circumstances” to justify ripping of mortgage borrwers for more interest than they are due to pay. In recent statement to Mortgage Strategy magazine the lenders commented as follows in respect of the Property118 Action Group Court of Appeal WIN against The West… Read more

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Property118 Action Group Win At The Court of Appeal

In this article we reveal the detail of:- The history behind our legal action against West Bromwich Mortgage Company The Court of Appeal ruling and the knock on implications Other legal action campaigns we would like to take on as representative actions Details of the Property118 business model moving forwards Our business plan How Property118 intends to… Read more

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