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Rent to Rent Tips, Advice and Case Study

We first published this article back in 2013. It has been resurrected it because because the information provided within it is just as relevant today as it was back then and the Rent to Rent continues to be a hot topic of discussion at many of the UK&#…

Are private landlords going soft in their old age?

Public perception of private landlords is often that they are a tight fisted bunch looking for any opportunity to hike up rents or make tenants homeless. However, a recent Just Giving campaign goes at least some way to dispelling this myth.
The post Ar…

Too Honest? – We Shall See

You may have read about the problems I’ve been having with a property I own in Halifax – LINK. Here’s an update  The local agents who it’s been let with for years still haven’t been able to get it rented. Despite owning a stake in and the fact that they manage most of my… Read more

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Comments please

Research conducted by Property118 members has revealed how up to 4.6 million tenants could be affected by George Osborne’s tax attacks on buy-to-let landlords.  In spite of ever-mounting criticism of the Clause 24 tax-grab from various quarters of the United Kingdom’s private rental sector, constituency MPs persist in replying with the following two points, duplicated… Read more

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Property118 Action Group Win At The Court of Appeal

In this article we reveal the detail of:- The history behind our legal action against West Bromwich Mortgage Company The Court of Appeal ruling and the knock on implications Other legal action campaigns we would like to take on as representative actions Details of the Property118 business model moving forwards Our business plan How Property118 intends to… Read more

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