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Landlords – Should we sell up or shut up?

Most landlords will have spent a lot of time and money on housing tenants, whether it’s in just one property or a massive portfolio. But, has the time come to give all of this up?
I don’t know whether we should sell up or shut up.
The post Landlords – …

Why private landlords despise politicians when they target us

Unlike the Millwall football chant, ‘No one likes us, we don’t care’, I’d just like to say that while no one apparently likes landlords, I do care.
However, I despise the tenant groups who shout from the rooftops about how rubbi…

Landlords! We have lost the moral high ground and it’s not coming back

While landlords have never been flavour of the month, we have lost the moral high ground over standards in private rented accommodation and it’s not coming back.
It’s hard to believe that landlord associations do not do more proactive PR work in reachi…

FAO Shelter – This is not a love note from The Landlord Crusader

It’s a good job I was sitting down when I read a striking story on Property118 this week because it would normally have knocked me off my feet otherwise.
Was it, I hear you ask, the Government announcing that their Rent Reform white paper is nons…

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