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HMO Landlord Defeats VOA in Land Tribunal Ruling on Banding Individual HMO Rooms for Council Tax

We published an article a few weeks ago by Andrew Roberts from The Great Property Meet which asked our community for help and guidance for one of his Members in preparation for a Land Tribunal hearing (article link here).
The post HMO Landlord Defeats …

What does the future look like for HMOs?

On top of the punishing stamp duty and section 24 changes of 2017, HMO landlords are now being clobbered with a national extension of HMO licensing, navigating a proposal to introduce three-year tenancy agreement. Is the future bright? Is the future st…

What does a hung parliament mean for the HMO market?

Smart Property

As if the recent heatwave wasn’t bad enough, Theresa May has been enduring sleepless nights since her nightmare snap election. Whatever your political beliefs, there’s no denying that May lost impetus at the finish line, particularly with a resurgent Corbyn snapping at her heels. Labour made inroads across the country, stealing a 9.5% increase in… Read more

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