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Stepping up further and offering a free basic single or joint Will

For many years, Property118 and H D Consultants have worked very closely together. The Team at H D Consultants has provided experienced, qualified and fully insured mortgage, life cover and estate planning advice.
At this time, whilst more and more peo…

Can Lifetime BTL Mortgages be used to accelerate our plans?

Since reading two recent articles about Lifetime BTL Mortgages my head has been spinning with ideas, my conclusions from which I would like to sanity check with this superb online community.
As background; my wife and I are in our mid 70’s.
The p…

Nearly 60% of all adults say they have no Will

Nearly 60% of all adults say they have no Will *  That’s a surprising statistic when you consider the implications on those that we love.
Not having a Will means that your next of kin will be faced with additional responsibilities after your death
The …

Barry’s story – it could have been you!

Barry’s story was written by the Mark Alexander back in December 2010. It has since been updated and re-published several times. The dates, times and people are fictional but the story is based on real life events.
It’s a modern update of the cla…

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