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Looking for campaign support

Dear Property118 members
We are looking for volunteers to “raise the game” in regards to campaigning to have the Section 24 “restrictions on finance cost for individual landlords” repealed.
If you are a member of a Landlords Ass…

Despicable vehemently anti-landlord Guardian article

The Guardian has sunk to new lows this week with the publication of the most vehemently anti-landlord article, by Rhik Samadder (such an expert in the field that none of us have ever heard of him), that I have ever seen published by a national newspape…

ATTT National Media Article – Landlord Wanted

Axe The Tenant Tax had a request from a very supportive journalist that has been covering our campaign from the start.  It comes from one of the respected National broadsheet newspapers.  This is what they need…
“I wondered if you might be able t…

Home building Stand-off with Government as BTL falls

The Berkeley Group, one of the UK’s largest home builders, has said that despite government pressure it is unable to ramp up house production.
Prime Minister Theresa May has told builders to “do their duty to Britain” and that she wanted &#…

Is government thinking of disallowing operating costs, and for companies as well?

Yesterday the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government launched a survey “Questionnaire used for the English Private Landlord Survey 2018.”
“The Ministry says that landlords and agents who are protecting a deposit in one of the authorise…

Replies to my critique of Economist BTL article

Regular subscribers to this site may have seen my critique of the Economist article on buy-to-let. Click Here to view original article. What follows is my reply to the reply by Tom Wainwright, their Britain Editor. I am still waiting for their next rep…

Why did the IFS issue the report “The decline of homeownership among young adults”?

The Institute for Fiscal Studies issued the Briefing Note “The decline of homeownership among young adults” on 16 February.
It contained findings, but did not make any recommendations. The key findings were:

Today’s young adults are significantly less…

BBC Panorama attacks Section 21 ‘no-fault evictions’

Once more, last night, landlords watched with trepidation as the BBC presented a so-called investigation into the use of Section 21 notices in the private rented sector.
The inauspicious title: ‘Evicted for no reason,’ warned us that we should expect t…

Is Section 24 going to end student summer discounts?

An issue which has been bothering me is that when national rent figures are worked out by various organisations, what do they do about student rents? As landlords know, students often pay half rents over the summer. However, since the Government launch…

Reply to serious flaws in BTL article by The Economist

Dear Ms Beddoes.
I am writing with regard to the following article:
Struggles of the landed gentry
Britain’s buy-to-let boom is coming to an end
New regulations and a cooler market are causing landlords to sell up
The post Reply to seriou…

Baroness Valentine wades in against landlords letting to benefits tenants!

Baroness Valentine, a former banker and the wife of a venture capitalist, is the latest to have a go at private landlords (a common enough diversionary tactic to have a go at an unpopular group when you yourself are amongst the most privileged in socie…

Patrick Collinson has done it again!

Patrick Collinson has again misunderstood a report with big numbers in it, like he did in the summer: Patrick Collinson “Guardian of Housing Ignorance”

This time it was a report from Scottish Widows which claimed that tenants who retire in the next 15 years need to increase their pension contributions on average by over £6,300 a year until they retire so that they will be able to afford the increases in rent that the researchers assumed would occur during their retirement. 

The post Patrick Collinson has done it again! appeared first on Property118.

Landlords fund-raising for the homeless

We are interested in setting up a charity or alternatively setting up a crowdfunding page, to help the homeless. The idea is that private landlords, who already play a massive and critical role in housing in the UK – housing around 5 million households

The post Landlords fund-raising for the homeless appeared first on Property118.

The private rented sector is ready to help fix the ‘broken housing market’

Housing will take centre stage in the forthcoming Budget, with the emphasis on building more homes and on increasing the number of owner-occupiers.

If, however, the Government wants a country which works for everyone, it also needs to address the needs of those who will never be able to buy.

The post The private rented sector is ready to help fix the ‘broken housing market’ appeared first on Property118.

Council desperation U-turning Government attacks on Landlords!

Golden Welcome cash payment to landlords

Central Government is doing all it can to deter private landlords from providing housing to people on benefits and now Local Councils are desperate enough to do this:

Monmouthshire Lettings Service Scheme will offer landlords a cash payment of up to £1,200 just for joining

The post Council desperation U-turning Government attacks on Landlords! appeared first on Property118.

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