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Declaration of Trust

HMRC charge tax on the beneficial ownership of rental profit and capital growth from rental properties, HOWEVER, mortgage lenders take their security against legal ownership. It has been possible to split legal and beneficial ownership of property since the days of the Christian Crusades. There are three primary tax reasons for creating a partnership by splitting beneficial ownership on… Read more

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There has been a lot of uniformed commentary, both on forums and in the National media, with regards to incorporation of property rental businesses and Beneficial Interest Company Trusts. This is inevitable given that landlords are so concerned with tax changes to mortgage interest relief and the popularity of tax planning solutions being promoted here… Read more

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High Level Tax Planning For Property Rental Businesses

Partnerships operating a property rental business can convert to a Limited Company status (“incorporation”) and claim tax relief to offset both capital gains tax and Stamp Duty that would otherwise be payable. The benefit of incorporation is that it allows landlords to retain profits at corporation tax rates of 20% and falling, and continue to offset 100%… Read more

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