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Tenant asking to move young brother in for a couple of months?

Tenant just contacted me to say his younger brother is moving in for ‘a couple of months’ as his parents (whom he lives with) are being evicted and my tenant wants to give him some stability while the parents are in temp accommodation.

Can I withhold tenant access temporarily?

A challenging weekend! I have two tenants in two one-bed flats.
Tenant B calls me in a right state to Tenant A, is smashing up his own flat and trying to break down the door to Tenant B’s flat
The post Can I withhold tenant access temporarily? ap…

Leak – Tenant delay reporting and made problem worse?

The tenant called in with a ‘slight leak in the bathroom ceiling’. He sends a photo and clearly no way this is just a few days old – he then backtracks and says he’s been away for a few days and comes home to it as it is (really…

Mickey and Minnie have moved in?

A tenant has contacted me to say she can hear mice under the floorboards upstairs. She knows for sure that they have them next door, as she knows one of the occupants, and she said they were rife, but although she has reported them to her LL nothing ha…

Assessed water charges between tenancies?

We have a flat where a meter is not possible so assessed meter charges apply.
A tenant was in situ when this was applied, but now he has left, what happens when the next tenant comes in?
Do I have a duty to inform the water company of the name and deta…

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