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Possession claims could double this year

I believe Possession claims will double this year, and if anyone needs assistance with evicting a tenant or debt recovery you can email me personally on
We ended 2021 after twenty-one months since the first Covid lockdown with…

mydeposits – Rent to Rent Guide

Guaranteed rent, or rent to rent, is becoming more and more common in the private rented sector as it offers a lower barrier to entry into the property market for would-be investors and a guaranteed rent with no hassle for landlords.
The post mydeposit…

To Self or not to Self-manage – The consequences of getting it wrong

I have spent many years presenting seminars, tutorials and more recently online webinars about the Buy to Let business, but one of the most common questions I’m asked is ‘should I self-manage or not.
I now have an online course aimed at the more inexpe…

County Courts will not cope with ‘eviction avalanche’

In 2020, as part of government restrictions to protect tenants during the pandemic, the number of residential evictions fell by an estimated 20,000 (74%). County Courts are facing an ‘eviction avalanche’ when the ban on bailiff-led evictions comes to a…

Landlord trap never ending

Following the announcement of another National lockdown there is no end in sight for desperate landlords and there must now be government support.
This is an exceptionally difficult situation for everyone and as before it is vital that tenants who are …

Housing Rip Offs – Extreme Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords Tonight

Tonight at 10pm Channel 5 on  Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords we have 3 stories.
Out of the shadows of our overstretched housing market a new breed of dodgy letting agents has emerged who target small landlords and tenants alike.
The post Housing Rip…

First trial date December 2021!

Finally, the courts officially reopened, after six months of suspension. Some cases on possession matters will be prioritised including: Anti-Social Behaviour, Domestic Violence and Rent Arrears totalling over a year.
We suspect there are about 55-60k …

Landlord Action responds to Government’s further extension of ban on evictions

The Government has announced a further four-week extension to the ban on evictions until 20th September 2020. In addition, renters will be offered further protection by an increase of notice periods from three months to six months.
This is absolutely d…

Landlord Action Q&A for current possession situation

Landlord Action has released a Q&A to help landlords understand what is the current situation with possession claims and an overview of what to expect in the coming months.
1. I would like my tenants to leave – can anything be done right now?
The p…

Property Odd Bods – Episode 4

I have now released the latest Shamps and Quirky Property Odd Bods Weekend Property Show Episode 4 on YouTube.
We are giving all the up to date weekly news, banter, arguments and a prised ‘Property Plum’ of the week.
The post Property Odd B…

Shamps and Quirky the property odd bods

I now do a weekly property show with Russell Quirk called Shamps and Quirky- The Property Odd Bods
Have a watch and click the video below for episode 2:
The post Shamps and Quirky the property odd bods appeared first on Property118.

Covid-19: Everything landlords need to know

In times of uncertainty, one of the best ways, as a landlord or agent, that you can protect yourselves and your tenants is to make sure that you have all the information you need. This post by Hamilton Fraser wraps up everything that landlords and agen…

My number one piece of advice is ALWAYS communication

From today, the Coronavirus Act extends the notice period required for possession using Section 8 and Form 6a (Section 21) from two months to three months.
I have worked with landlords for 27 years, been through two recessions and seen the crippling ef…

I can do what I want when I want – Wrong!

I recently read the shocking story about Mr Valentine-Brown who was murdered by his landlady, her partner and two accomplices when they decided they would take the eviction process into their own hands.  Although an extreme case, this story serves to h…

Petition to regulate the property education market

On Monday night, I watched BBC Inside Out London which, following the tragic death of Danny Butcher who took his own life, has been investigating London based company, Property Investors.
The company tells its customers they can make a fortune if they …

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