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Are NEW Landlords Building On Solid Foundations?

New landlords continue to enter the UK property market every day, despite reports of many established Landlords exiting.
Are these new Landlords naïve or do they know something we don’t? I think the answer is somewhere in between.

19% inflation and 6% Bank Base Rate

Only this week, Citibank predicted that UK inflation would exceed 18% by January next year and that the Bank of England would feel compelled to increase the base rate to 6%.
How many of us are prepared for this?

MORTGAGES – Interest Only or Capital Repayment?

My personal view is that an interest only mortgage is far better than a capital repayment mortgage, here’s why …
Back in 1971 my parents borrowed three times their joint income to buy a house that cost them £3,000.

Improved P118 Member Profiles

We are extremely proud to introduce new functionality and a new look and feel to Property118 Member Profiles.
One of the first things you might notice is that it’s now much easier to log in using Social Media.

Property118 Needs YOUR Help

Please do us a favour.
As we continue to build the Property118 Editorial Team, to continue to deliver even more increasingly valuable content to our Members, we would really value your feedback by completing the Poll below.
As one Member once said “non…

Open Letter to the UK Buy-To-Let Mortgage Sector

Most UK mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers do not fully understand the potentially disastrous implications of landlords taking on new mortgage finance at the point of incorporation of their property rental business.
At Property118 we feel we have a …

How many BTL properties is enough?

Why is it that so many landlords judge themselves and their peers by how many Buy-To-Let properties they own?
Given a choice between owning 1,000 flats in Northern England or Scotland, which are let to benefits tenants, or the alternative of owning the…

Addressing the Under Supply of UK Rental Housing

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that additional regulation and taxes are having the opposite effect of what the Government is trying to achieve. Red tape, bureaucracy and tax are all proven methods to reduce investment.
If the real objective of…

‘Rent To Rent’ Millionaires

In my 30+ years of investing into UK rental property I’ delighted to have met 1,000’s of people who have made their millions doing he same things as me.
I’ve also met more than a handful of people who have made their millions by educa…

Journalistic Support Required

Believe it or not, the vast majority of the News articles you see on Property118, together with Readers Questions, Social Media Posts, Daily Newsletters, Weekly Roundup Newsletters and comment moderation are dealt with in between other tasks performed …

POLL – What is the ROOT CAUSE of increasing homelessness, lack of supply of quality rental properties and rising rents in the UK?

Please select just ONE answer to the following Poll before clicking the Submit button.
Please choose carefully, because the results will be displayed publicly even though your answer will be anonymous.
I am hoping that hundreds of Property118 Members w…

War In Europe by Mark Alexander

I am praying for PEACE, hence the picture I have chosen to accompany this article, which I write with a heavy heart for reasons that will become apparent as you read more.
This is not a property related article

Three Methods of Financing a Buy to Let Business Incorporation

There are three main methods of financing a Buy to Let business incorporation. However, one of them is fraught with risks and high costs and it unlikely to be the method you might think of as being risky at first either.

Interest Rate Rise Impact Calculator Wizard

Calculating the extra amount of interest you will pay as a result of the recent 0.25% interest rate rise isn’t exactly rocket science for some people. However, if numbers isn’t your thing and/or you would like to understand how the Bank of England deci…

Can you remember why you first got into property?

I suspect the reasons you first got into property investment were the same reasons as mine. One of the first property goals I set for myself back in 1989 was to borrow £1,000,000 to buy rental properties. When I achieved that I went on to repeat the pr…

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