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Refurbishment Buy to Let – A solution to EPC requirements

The proposed new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations will mean that from 2025, landlords cannot rent their property on a new tenancy without an EPC rating of C or above. It is proposed that the penalty for not having a valid EPC

New Specialist Buy-to-Let Lender

A New Specialist Lender has entered the BTL mortgage market called Quantum Mortgages.
With so many of the current lenders declining mortgage applications for properties that don’t fit their tick-box approach, it is refreshing to be working with human u…

Over-55’s turn their homes into cash as costs are driven down

Low interest rates for equity release mortgages, coupled with rising house prices, have made it much more cost-effective for over-55s to release funds from their properties.
Many over 55s, who were going to downsize in order to release equity in their …

Act Now before rates rise – Don’t delay

The Bank of England Base Rate is currently at an all-time low at 0.1% and this has led to mortgage rates being at all-time lows. Interest rates change over time, just over 30 years ago the Base Rate was 14.88%
The post Act Now before rates rise – Don’t…

Buy to Let Limited company criteria

When setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for your Buy to Lets it is important to use the appropriate SIC Code. (A SIC code is a five-digit Standard Industrial Classification code. There are more than 600 individual SIC codes in the UK)
The follo…

How To Get a Bigger Loan on Low Yielding Rental Properties

If a landlord wants to raise maximum finance on a property with a very low rental yield, the mortgage amount might well be restricted based on rental income. However, with “Top-Slicing” this needn’t be the case.
Why would a landlord w…

A Smart Way To Pay For Tax and National Insurance Increases

To ease the pressure on the NHS the Government is increasing National Insurance by 1.25%, which means that your contribution will actually increase by more than 10%. But how will you find the funds to pay for this?
Recent research shows that more than …

Interest rates reduced on 80% LTV specialist Buy to Let mortgages

Interest rates have recently been reduced on 80% LTV Buy to Let mortgages.
Below is a small selection of specialist BTL deals:

EPC Specials: if you have a property that is rated EPC A-C, benefit from reduced rates.

The post Interest rates reduced on …

Bridging Finance for Savvy Property Investors and Developers

Bridging finance can best be described as relatively short-term loans, normally for periods of between one and eighteen months.
Today, the cost of bridging finance is at its lowest point ever.
Main uses of Bridging Finance

Chain Breaking
Light Refurbi…

Take the ‘Stress Test’ out of Buy to Let

A new Buy-to-Let mortgage product with NO Stress Testing has been introduced to the market with all types of property and most borrowers accepted. Loan sizes must be in excess of £150k+ only
It has a streamlined application process combined with common…

Limited edition rate reduction for Portfolio Landlords

A Limited-Edition buy-to-let range has now been launched to assist portfolio landlords (landlords with 4 or more properties) with both re-mortgages and new purchases.
For single-unit houses and flats, 2 Year Fixed Rates are now starting from 2.75%  and…

Capital Home Loans (CHL) return to the market

Capital Home Loans (CHL), you may remember them, the specialist buy-to-let lender is now lending again in England and Wales, through a select number of brokers. They are offering competitive rates and consistent criteria with a customer-centric approac…

3 ways to get Generation Rent onto the property ladder

I am sure we all have friends, and or family members, who are First-time buyers facing the challenges of getting onto the property ladder, not the least of which is finding the deposit. However, there are a number of solutions currently available.
The …

Developer Exit Finance when your lender is unhelpful

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have received an increased number of enquiries regarding refinancing existing development finance. These have mainly been brought about by overruns either in terms of cost or time and their current lender not be…

Are you a Mortgage Prisoner?

A Mortgage Prisoner is someone who cannot switch to another product or to a new lender for their residential mortgage, despite being up to date with their payments. They could be stuck with a lender exploiting them with a high interest rate and not all…

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