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Does your Buy to Let beat inflation?

As inflation continues to rise at the fastest rate in over 40 years, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find business and investment opportunities that can withstand the difficult economic landscape.
In property, there have certainly been many pos…

Renters Reform white paper not fit-for-purpose when it comes to HMOs

As the government continues to work on the proposed Renters Reform Bill, we will be urging them to reconsider the impact of proposals in the white paper on multiple occupancy properties.
 Although the Bill specifically exempts purpose-built student ac…

Why Article 4 Directions are not always the answer

As a large property network, ensuring our franchise partners are able to navigate the ever-changing world of Permitted Development Rights (PDRs) and Article 4 Directions is key… and something our planning department discusses with them daily.
Mahsa Kha…

The Platinum standard for the future of HMOs

When I tell people I’m the managing director of a property investment franchise specialising in HMOs, I’m often met with scepticism. Scummy, rogue landlords profiteering off younger generations, robbing them of an opportunity to buy their own home. Lan…

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