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Sell your low yielding properties now to avoid financial Armageddon

A catastrophic rise in interest rates to 2.25% leaves landlords shocked with £5,000 monthly bills.
It’s disastrous news for landlords when things couldn’t get any worse. The decision by the Bank of England to increase the base rate from 1.75% to 2.25%…

Entrepreneurial landlords are making a mistake by clinging onto solutions for their portfolios in a dying market

The Telegraph reported this week that the chaos of Scottish landlords getting out of the market due to rent freezes could soon hit England, This is Money reported that tenants were leaving buy-to-lets to downsize because they couldn’t afford rent causi…

Solution for Scottish Landlords who are facing new dilemmas amid this week’s rent freeze

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced a rent freeze for private and public rented properties with a moratorium on evictions during winter. It comes at a time when landlords were already thinking of getting out of the buy-to-let sector.

How landlords can beat the looming economic crisis of soaring inflation

Tired of renting, fed up with regulations, constant tenant hassle, costly repairs and, to cap it all, hammered by Section 24 Tax? You are not alone. Landlords nationwide have had enough and are looking to get out of renting by selling all or part of th…

Sell your buy-to-Lets before the market drops at the end of the year

This time last year we saw landlords across the UK in solution mode: paying off tax bills, going through incorporations, the mindset was that of weathering the storm. But a year on, there’s no denying that we’re likely heading for property market reali…

Don’t look back in anger

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, can’t it? When you look back at a smart decision you made and see how well it’s worked out for you. But it can also be painful when you look back at a decision that you regret and hasn’t worked out well at all.

Your last chance to sell your property portfolio for the best price

You may think that you’ve missed your chance to sell a property portfolio for the best price, but surprisingly, the markets are showing otherwise.
According to the Halifax, property prices are defying the current economic downturn by continuing to rise.

Do landlords deserve to lose their Buy to Lets Mr Gove?

The moment we’ve been anticipating has arrived; two weeks since Gove released his White Paper for a “faired private rented sector,” Landlords are taking stock of how best to deal with the upcoming changes they now need to make to their buy-to-let portf…

How to save money by Not evicting tenants

Recent data shows an increase in the number of evictions issued in Q1 of 2022 when compared to the previous quarter and the same period pre-pandemic.
According to Simply Business, an eviction costs approximately £2K and takes about 9 months to complete

There’s nothing that will stop Landlord Sales Agency from getting your property portfolios sold in just 19 days

Last year, because interest rates were so low and many landlords were incorporating, landlords weren’t thinking of selling. This year however tells a completely different story. Mortgages have shot up following high interest rates, leaving an innumerab…

The 3 most important things landlords should do when selling rental properties

The current economic situation has landlords across the UK making the decision to sell their whole property portfolios, or at the very least, downsize. With property market risks, rising interest rates, Section 24 legislations and refurb costs overtaki…

Landlord who sold his BTLs in 3 weeks says: “It’s good to see there’s people out there who know how to do this the right way”

In the wake of an influx of landlords who are choosing to downsize and sell their portfolios, we sat down and chat with Roy, a landlord who did just that and did it in an astonishing 3 weeks.
Roy got into property by following in the footsteps of his f…

These landlords sold 75 BTL properties in less than 2 weeks with tenants still in situ

There’s no doubt that now is the time to start downsizing our property portfolios. With many of us reaching our 50s and 60s, the property machines we built have become more of a financial burden than a financial gain. Taxes

Get Out While You Can

Over the last week, an influx of Property118 landlords rushed to contact the team at Landlord Sales Agency – a company known for being experts in property portfolio exit strategies. The question wasn’t so much whether now was the time to sell our portf…

This landlord sold her portfolio of 23 properties in one go in only 5 days

It’s a theme that’s becoming ever more common, if you were in any doubt, now is the time for us to sell up our portfolios, cash in and retire while the market is still high, and before the window closes.

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