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Distress for Rent Act

There has been much discussion on this topic, with landlords finding that they are not successful in front of some County court judges. Of course, county court decisions are not binding, and it’s not unknown (although not desirable) to have diffe…

Brentwood Council ‘Gatekeeping’ ordered onto the Naughty Step

Brentwood Council ‘Gatekeeping’ have been found at fault by the Local Government Ombudsman for telling the tenant to remain in the property, after the court order, until the bailiffs evict them.
The Landlord’s lost rent and bailiffs f…

The Housing Crisis, Who’s to blame – Studio Interview Thursday (today) 8pm

There are too few houses for tenants to rent and even those available for first-time buyers are too expensive. It’s all Landlords fault, or so the government and everyone else jumping on the bandwagon would have you believe.
The post T…

The Madness of Housing

Those who have read Douglas Murray’s recent fascinating book, The Madness of Crowds may have been struck by the parallel with Housing.
Whilst Murray explains the Social justice movement effect on Gay, Feminist, Race and Transgender issues, the ef…

Councils telling Porkies?

Landlords can have useful and symbiotic relationships with some councils providing accommodation where the area and property suit.
There are vast differences between local authorities in their attitude and relationship with landlords and the ever-incre…

Help bring a Judicial Review against Bailiffs refusing to enforce warrants

The infamous words of Jenrick at the start of the pandemic: “No renter who has lost income due to coronavirus will be forced out of their home, NOR WILL ANY LANDLORD FACE UNMANAGEABLE DEBTS”
Nothing more was heard about landlords only inces…

Allow Landlords to evict tenants where there are 14 days rent arrears

All Landlords, please SIGN this petition and share with as many landlords as possible.
You can’t go into a supermarket and steal your weeks’ groceries. There are laws in place to protect shopkeepers large and small. Not paying rent is also …

My email to Woman’s Hour regarding Shelter response to no DSS

I have recently sent my email below responding to Shelter’s Polly Neate’s response as to why she thought landlords do not want to rent to tenants in receipt of benefits.
Re – 
The post My email to W…

Even more worrying requests by the Select Committee

At the beginning of May we responded to a Call for Evidence to an Inquiry by MHCLG. Our ‘evidence’ and criticism of the governments treatment of the PRS in general and more specifically during the Suspension of Possession proceedings was br…

Abandonment provisions – update

An update for readers on the omission by the government to bring the Abandonment provisions under section 57 – 63 of Housing & Planning Act, 2016 – into force on 6/4/18 as originally planned.
The Govt are ‘
The post Abandonment pr…

Landlord GDPR policy – Short version

For individual Landlords GDPR policies can seem more complex than necessary.
The GDPR Policy on my web site is a One page (Two sided) document that explains a Landlords policy adequately. Many have written about GDPR, and in quite a lot of detail
The p…

New law on abandonment of residential property 06/04/18

Below is a summary of a larger detailed explanation of this complex piece of legislation, due to come into force tomorrow!
I thought it would be of interest to Property118 readers.
“The Housing and Planning Act
The post New law on abandonment of …

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