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Debtors to get 60 day ‘breathing space’ to seek help

HM’s Treasury this week made a potentially life changing announcement to those who suffer from debt/negative equity issues. From 2021, people struggling with serious debts are too benefit from a new two month “breathing space” scheme during which they …

Startling News on Interest-only Mortgages and end of term

By January 2024, approximately 250,000 borrowers will have reached the repayment date for their interest-only mortgage. Most have no plans in place to deal with this problem and will struggle to find a new deal elsewhere, according to research by Kensi…

A guide to dealing with mortgage arrears

If you have missed payments and built up mortgage arrears on your property then it’s important that you act quickly. Too often too many people take the ostrich approach to financial matters. However, this is too important an issue to ignore as not deal…

The Mortgage Misery that could affect over 1.5m UK Households

It has recently been reported that according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), there are 1.67 million homeowners in the UK on some form of interest-only mortgage. That accounts for over 17% of all borrowers.
Subsequently, many of these borrower…

Don’t feel trapped by a debt and negative equity nightmare

It has been highlighted recently in the media of some of the many drastic actions that people feel they had no choice but to carry out to finally put an end to their debt nightmare. People living with crippling debt often feel trapped
The post Don’t fe…

The best solution to resolve a Negative Equity issue

In 2011, GDP Equity Experts was established to offer a mediation service for those people who found themselves in serious trouble with banks and financial institutions over property debt.
We are now into 2019 and the global financial crisis that began …

Escape the Negative Equity trap through Mediation

If you are trapped in Negative equity and need to find a solution we advocate Mediation as we believe that this is the best option not only for the clients, but also for the banks as this process saves all parties time money and distress.
The post Esca…

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