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Detached property prices have performed best through the pandemic

The latest Nationwide House Price Index shows UK house price growth surged to its highest level since 2004. Annual house price growth in March increased to 14.3%, from 12.6% in February with Wales remaining the strongest performing region and London th…

The National Landlord Register is coming

As mentioned in the Levelling Up White paper the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has released a job advert for the role of Policy Advisor – National Landlord Register. Click here
The summary of the job states: The Leasehold and Pri…

Government grants for corporate landlords to insall EV charge points

The government scheme for EV chargepoint grants gives financial support to buy and install electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints at residential or commercial properties in the UK: Click here for the full details.
The grant amount is per chargepoint socket…

TONIGHT: Struggling to find property deals?

Live online TONIGHT (Thursday 31st May) at 8pm! Brand new training all about how you can find better property deals in your area.
If you are struggling to find great deals, or don’t know what to look for

Failing Social Housing providers to be named and shamed

The government will “name and shame” failing social housing providers as part of major reforms to give residents a stronger voice and drive up standards. This means social landlords providing sub-standard housing and services would be publicly called o…

Don’t leave damp discussions until the end of the tenancy

The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) is warning tenants and landlords to avoid leaving discussions about damp and mould to the end of the tenancies. It is urging tenants and landlords to talk openly throughout the tenancy and take a common-sense ap…

Challenge for the PRS is how to adapt to accommodate more mature tenants

Homes headed by a person over the age of 45 will account for at least half of all privately renting households by 2035, analysis conducted on behalf of Paragon Bank has found.
A report by the Social Market Foundation (SMF)

Changing Places toilets

Thousands of severely disabled people who need specialised facilities when they are out and about will benefit from over 500 new Changing Places toilets in England.
The Chancellor confirmed in his Spring Statement over £23.5 million has been allocated …

Law of unintended consequences emanating from Holyrood

Some of the more onerous restrictions which were imposed on landlords in Scotland in the first dark days of the pandemic are about to be rescinded at the end of the month, and it might be assumed that this would be a good thing for the private rental s…

Rip-off 999 year lease ground rent review clause/Role of expert surveyor?

I’d be extremely grateful for the benefit of your expertise regarding:
(a) the interpretation/enforceability of what is either a poorly or craftily worded ground rent review clause in a 999-year lease on a flat
(b) the remit of the expert surveyor in d…

Guarantor’s point of responsibility?

One of our tenants is 2 months in arrears and we have served the appropriate notices.
However, there is a guarantor in place for this tenant.
My question is at what point can we look to the guarantor to cover the rental payment arrears?

Tenancy in one persons name only?

I’ve had a couple of tenancy applications recently each involving a couple where they’ve requested the tenancy be taken out in one of their names only. It transpires that in each case, the person they want to leave off the tenancy has poor …

The No1. property investor skill you need

If you want to become a more successful property investor, you need to get really good at finding great deals in your investing area.  This is the most important skill you need to learn.
Most people search online

This landlord sold her portfolio of 23 properties in one go in only 5 days

It’s a theme that’s becoming ever more common, if you were in any doubt, now is the time for us to sell up our portfolios, cash in and retire while the market is still high, and before the window closes.

The EPC Maze?

The EPC on a top floor flat has recently been downgraded from an F to a G with a score of just 19!
The three suggestions for improving that score are :
1. Increase loft insulation to 270 mm at a cost of £100 to £350 (Score 24 i.e.

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