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Pay by Direct Debit to automatically get the £150 council tax rebate

Households across England are being urged to set up direct debits with their local council to receive a £150 council tax rebate to help families manage the costs of living inflation.
People who pay council tax by direct debit

Divorce, Declaration of Trust, and Beneficial Ownership?

Hi all, In brief, this is the background of my situation:
I Own 2x BTL properties as tenants in common with my now ex-wife, split as 80/20 %.
There is an existing Declaration of Trust which splits the income 80/20 as well

Notice given but ex-boyfriend won’t leave – Help!

My tenant gave notice to leave and has already left the property, but she has just told me she has split with her boyfriend, and he says he won’t leave until he has found somewhere else to live.
I’ve got a new tenant ready to move in next week

Led by EPC assessor or retrofit specialist?

EPCs give very brief ‘recommendations’ in order to increase your score and rating but……what maybe ‘recommended’ may not be right for your property. Are we then supposed to employ another specialist to look at the bui…

Your HMO Success Blueprint

Would you like to make more money from your property investing? Most people invest in single let properties, which unfortunately don’t make much money.
However, smart investors make at least £1000 profit per month from each property using HMOs.

Split titles and Stamp Duty circumvention?

Hi, I’m looking to split titles on a 3 flat conversion I completed in 2018 to lower the finance costs.
I’ve been advised there will be stamp duty to pay even if the leases are transferred to my spouse and myself.

9% annual reduction in rough sleeping

The annual rough sleeping statistics, published 24 February 2022, show that rates have fallen for a fourth year in a row with a 9% reduction in rough sleeping compared to last year. Numbers have fallen in every region of England

White Goods clause in rental property?

Hi all, Hopefully, someone on this forum can help me out with a query. If I let my rental property out to a prospective tenant and supply the white goods (fridge/freezer and washing machine) would it be possible to place the responsibility on the tenan…

Pandemic Right to Rent check changes extended to 30th September 2022

The adjustments to Right to Rent checks, which were made due to COVID-19, will now be extended from 5th April and continue to 30 September 2022.
This follows the government’s announcement enabling landlords to use Identification Document Validati…

Our city is facing a rent crisis

Landlords, especially any in Bristol, may be interested to listen in to this event: Click here
Bristol Renters Summit 2022: Wed, 2 March 2022 18:30 – 20:30 GMT
“Our city is facing a rent crisis

EPC Commercial Confusion?

I am in the process of renewing a lease with a commercial tenant for the next 6 years., The EPC conducted in Feb 2017 is an F (carried out by the previous owner just before we bought the property –

Percentage service charge calculation?

I bought an off-plan buy-to-rent apartment from Fortis a few years ago, and recently they have asked for a pretty hefty balancing charge for 2020.
I looked at the lease to see what my percentage should be, but it does not give it – feasibility?

Why has no one started a rogue tenant register? I am ready to….
I have done extensive research on the idea as a multi landlord myself, and the only possible problem I come across is adding a tenant to such a register without a conviction may be l…

Understanding Commercial Service Charge Apportionments

I have a long commercial leasehold on office space in a mixed residential (apartments) and commercial (offices) development, though the commercial and residential units are distinctly separate buildings.
We receive service charges every 6 months from t…

Landlord with a portfolio of 200+ Buy to Lets joins the rush selling their portfolios

Landlords throughout the UK have started to sell their property portfolios and for good reason. With Michael Gove’s Levelling Up plans likely to add even more regulations for landlords to follow, plus the property market at an all-time high, land…

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