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  • Cut the rhetoric and focus on policy

    With the ink barely dry on the new SNP and Scottish Greens co-operation agreement, the Scottish Government is keen to forge ahead with its plans to create a “new deal for tenants”.
    Ahead of the recent announcement that he would be the new Minister for …

  • HELP we have 3 personal BTLs with 3 different lenders and want to incorporate?

    Hi there all, We have three BTLs with three individual mortgage providers which are Virgin Money, Santander and Halifax in personal names obviously section 24 and the tax implications are an issue.
    We are looking for some guidance on whether we will ha…

  • Death Bed Tax Planning For Landlords

    None of us are immortal, so death bed tax planning strategies are important for us all to know about. On that basis I make no apology for what some might perceive to be such a taboo topic.
    This Case Study is based on a married couple with children
    The …

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